Our mentors are all former U.S. military special operations veterans, with the exception of one of our doctoral psychologists. Currently, we do not have enough manpower to get all of our mentors onto the website, but if you head over to the DONATE page, this will greatly help us get this type of work completed.

Check out the BOARD OF DIRECTORS page for some of our current veteran and psychology professionals involved with The Sugar Cookies.

As we build our site, some mentors will not be listed here. Many of them are still active duty and due to regulations we are not able to add them to the website, but we will get as many of the retired and/or discharged veterans on here as soon as possible. We have a network that spans every branch and reaches almost every special operations team. If we need someone who isn’t in our current network we have many resources to find mentors in just about every area of the military.

If you or someone that you know would like to be a part of our program as a mentor, please visit our CONTACT page and send us your information.