Group Goals

  • Promote Safety:

    Most of the training a candidate will do before boot camp is unsupervised and can be very dangerous. Our number one goal is to promote safety. This includes proper training techniques to prevent injuries as well as learning about dangerous activities like practicing breath holds. At the end of the day, an injured candidate has a much lower chance of making it through the training ahead of them.

  • Increase Mental Toughness and Mindfulness:

    In special operations, the saying goes “it’s 20% physical and 80% mental.” Our goal at The Sugar Cookies is to increase mental toughness by utilizing proven techniques created by Dr. Angela Duckworth in her best selling book, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.” We also emphasize mindfulness exercises that we believe are extremely important for a candidate’s success. Attention to detail is key. You must be mindful of your actions when the chaos ensues (oh and boy, does it ensue) during training and in the field. People’s lives are on the line and one small mistake can kill or badly injure your fellow servicemembers. We typically start with an app called 10% Happier, and expand from there while working some of these ideas into the training itself. *See Note

  • Help the Next Generation:

    It is our goal to create written and video content that will allow us to share our proven techniques long after we’re too old to get out on the beach and teach it to candidates directly. This will also allow us to keep the most up to date research front and center for future military special operations candidates. This does take a considerable amount of time and money for equipment. Please think about DONATING if you have the resources. Every dollar gets us closer to this part of our goals.

*We receive no compensation from Dr. Duckworth, but the book is a great read if you’re looking to up your mental toughness. We also receive no compensation from the team at 10% Happier, but this is a great app if you are looking to increase your meditation and mindfulness.