Congratulations to EOD Class 19-250N!

Another SC graduates from the U.S. Navy’s special program for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. This amazing recruit worked with us for many years and we are so proud to welcome him to the brotherhood! HooYah!

Sorry, we haven’t posted in a while, but rest assure the program is running stronger than ever. We are currently compiling online content for recruits to use during the COVID crisis. Stay safe out there!


SC Update

  • We have 3 Navy Seals graduated in the last few months, and several more currently in the pipeline.
  • Due to security concerns, we are no longer able to post pictures, even with the faces covered. I assure you that all of our graduates have huge smiles to go along with their shiny new tridents.
  • We have received our 501 (c) 3 status from the IRS and will begin fundraising soon!
  • Our first EOD candidate is still alive and well in explosives training.
  • Our second Deep Sea Diver in the program has begun SC training and will ship in late November.
  • We received a new SO candidate and he will begin training next week.

The First SC Graduates!

Four and a half years ago, I started the SCs with one candidate. We’ll call him Candidate #1 for this story. Three days into our training he was involved in an alcohol-related incident that seemed extremely bleak at the time. With a criminal record, it was unlikely that he would even make it into the Navy at that point. I do not bring this up to call him out, but to tell the story of the SCs and what this catastrophe brought to the world. (Sidenote: This is why the SCs have a very strict no-alcohol policy for all members of SCs, even if over 21.)

I was frustrated when the recruiters immediately dropped him from the DEP program, but I’ve never been one to take no for an answer. I asked Candidate #1 to find out who the head of Navy recruiting for special programs was in So Cal. By some stroke of luck, it was one of my chiefs from when I was still active duty. He helped us navigate the YEARS worth of paperwork it took to get this candidate into the military. During this period of administrative purgatory, we continued training every week. I figured training one candidate was no different than two and I still was going to have to be down at the beach freezing my *ss off either way, so I told Candidate #1 to invite some of the other people in DEP at the time. We had 3 candidates, then 5, and then 10 and I realized I needed to get more organized.

I got on the phone and found other mentors, created a curriculum, rules, safety requirements, and a structure for training. We created the non-profit corporation to separate the SCs away from the pack as an elite group of highly motivated individuals that went the extra mile to prepare. As we increased our safety demands, we also increased our costs and started taking on donations.

After years of working in the shadows in Los Angeles, collecting data from 70+ candidates, spec ops mentors, military instructors, and former operators, we formed the future vision of the SCs. A cloud application that would revolutionize the training of all spec op programs around the country. This next step is going to be the most expensive and challenging thing we’ve ever done, so that’s where the 501 (c) 3 status came into play. I will have more on the application on here soon, but my point in telling this story is that Candidate #1’s mistake almost cost him his career. However, his years of suffering and anxiety not only brought him a trident (he’s now a combat medic SEAL), but also birthed the SC program. Through his sacrifice, others have and will continue to benefit.

This is part of the DNA of our military troops. The troops are out there in harm’s way 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, away from their loved ones, cold, wet, tired, dirty and miserable, just so you can peacefully grab a morning latte and walk your Labradoodle. Candidate #1 now joins the ranks of the elite. Seeing Candidate #1 graduate last month was one of the highlights of my life and I have no doubt that he will be a true American hero!

FINALLY!!!! The SCs receive 501 (c) 3 status!

I’m very excited to announce that after over 18 months of waiting and filing hundreds of pages of documents, The Sugar Cookies is officially a 501 (c) 3 charity. This is a huge milestone for us because it allows our organization to take on donations from large corporations who need the tax-exempt status. With this money, we will begin the creation of video content in dozens of categories, not currently available to special forces candidates. After that, we will begin development of a new phone application that will revolutionize the recruitment training process across the country. If you have made a donation to The Sugar Cookies after October 4, 2017, you may now officially write off your donation on this year’s taxes. Please contact us if you need a receipt for your donation. You can also use the receipt given to by Go Fund Me if that’s where you made your donation. Thank you, everyone, for all the support so far. Big things are coming!



Last year I lost my brother in a car accident and I was forced to take the last 4 months off from training with the SCs while I stabilized our family. However, we have kept in good contact with the active duty SCs and there are some amazing things happening. We have several SCs graduating SQT and BUDs in the coming weeks. We have another currently in Hell Week and a couple others doing very well in EOD and Dive School.

So today we FINALLY get a new crew of candidates and will start the savage beatings, meditations, and mentoring. It’s going to be FREEEZINGGG.

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Quick update:

It seems the IRS has misplaced our 501 (c)3 paperwork after 8 months without a response and repeated calls. They have asked us to send in a new application and that was just done today. So fingers crossed, this issue will be resolved soon for those looking to donate to our organization. Thank you for your patience and continued support.


SC secures Phase 2 of BUDs

Another SC secures 2nd phase at BUDs, the most difficult military training in the world. Success rates after 2nd phase are incredibly high, so although he isn’t a SEAL yet, it would take an act of god for him to fail at this point. Hooyah brother! So proud of all your hard work. You’ve come A LOOOONG way.


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Achieving a Life Goal

85 days ago on June 20th, I made a list of goals to push myself to be a better person…
I am not a fan of running in my personal life, so I was procrastinating on running a marathon. There were no sanctioned marathons in my area during that time period so made my own. To make life more even more challenging, a few weeks ago I lost my brother and best friend Anthony Holmes. I didn’t want to, but I stayed focused on my goals. So at 8:30pm on Sept 10th, I grabbed a pair of old shoes that my brother sent to me a couple years back and I ran my first marathon, completing my entire list of goals. I love you buddy. I’ll see you on the other side.
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Recruit Letter

Was so nice to get a letter from one of the kiddos today. He’s doing well and excited to get finished up with bootcamp. Nothing better than getting an unexpected handwritten letter from someone, even if it’s only because that person can’t text, call, or email you… *hint *hint 😉 😉
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Another SC secures Hell Week and Two more secure BUDs

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Was very happy to get to spend a little time with 3 of the SCs this weekend.

One is post hell week and two are post BUDs training…so proud of all three of them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of these badass dudes!

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 — in Coronado, California.

Baby SEALs and a baby seal

You have to love this video of a baby seal joining in on some military training. 





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Another SC Recruit Secures Hell Week!

Although it doesn’t make you a SEAL by any stretch of the word, it is a gigantic accomplishment to make it through hell week. So proud of this guy! Another Sugar Cookie well on his way to success in our military. HooYah! 🎉 🎊 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Please donate to keep this program running!!!




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The Prodigal Son Returns!


Awesome workout where one of our recent BUDs graduates came to workout with the team!

I did last week’s workout with a cold and paid for it all week. My cold aside, it still felt like it was one of the all time hardest SC workouts on the books. Huge kudos to these guys for making it through. The only easy day was yesterday! Keep up the hard work 🤗

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Top Recruit

This young man has put on over 20 lbs of pure, natural muscle by eating like a beast and focusing on heavy lifting for his first 8 weeks in the program. He has also done hundreds of minutes of mindfulness meditation, read several books on the subject, and learned how to safely workout by coming to the gym with us 6 days a week. Truly, one of the strongest candidates that we have built in our program. Don’t forget to follow us @DeathBeforeDOR on Instagram!



HooYah PT

Just another 6-hour Hooyah PT with 4 amazing candidates. Some of these guys have made some truly monumental gains both physically and mentally.

Hike #3

Hike #3 was our best hike yet and everyone finished all 13 miles without even breaking a sweat. OK…truthfully, there was A LOT of sweating, but no one seemed to be really struggling like the other hikes. Our current set of candidates are extremely strong right now and will be honor graduates in their programs. This was also our first daytime hike and made for some stunning views.

501 (c) 3 Filed!

We just wanted to update everyone on the fact that we have officially filed our final paperwork for 501 (c) 3 status as a charity. Once this is approved we can take in corporate donations and start the next phase of our charity by building online content for candidates across the country. This will allow people all over the world to follow our plan step by step plan for anyone to become ready for military special forces. We will provide information on injury prevention, proper workout routines, nutrition, and mindfulness practices. The legal team has said that it can take around 6 months, but we will update everyone as soon as this is completed. Thank you for all of your support.

Mt. Baldy Hikes

Since our last update, we have completed two endurance hikes up to the peak of Mt. Baldy in Los Angeles. These hikes are much more extreme than you would ever imagine. There is altitude sickness, trails that disappear, and dangerous weather conditions at the peak. The first hike started with a 1-mile ocean swim, and then our hike was from 4,000ft to 9010ft with a round trip of 13 miles. The second hike was from 4000ft to 10015ft with a round trip of 17 miles. We have found these types of endurance events to be much lower impact than longer runs, while at the same time requiring a new level of mental toughness. We are able to break the spirits of almost every candidate at some point during these hikes, without causing any physical injuries. Your pride is hurt, but your body remains in good health. Injury prevention is the #1 most important thing here at The Sugar Cookies, so these hikes seem to be a great way to build your body for the punishment it is about to endure in military training, without causing over-use injuries. Every day that you spend injured is a day that you are not improving. Although our hikes might be longer than 6 miles, we must insist that no trainee ever run more than 6 miles per day or more than 30 miles per week. Inflammatory injuries caused by excessive overuse of one body part or another is the main issue that we see with candidates training outside of our program. My last and most important point. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hike Mt. Baldy without an experienced guide and proper safety equipment. It is a very dangerous hike, especially at night. In addition to days worth of extra supplies, we bring layers of clothing for any temperature, as well as an emergency satellite communication device specifically designed for evacuation by rescue teams.

Photo of The Sugar Cookies during Mt. Baldy Hike.

Photo of the plaque at the top of Mt. Baldy Hike.

Photo of scenery during Mt. Baldy Hike.

Navy Federal Union Business Account

With everyone’s help, we’ve covered most of the legal fees thus far and I’m currently finalizing the 501 (c) 3 status for our official tax-free charitable organization approval. This will allow all donations from this point forward to be retroactively added to your taxes once we are approved. The business account for The Sugar Cookies is now fully active with Navy Federal Credit Union and all donations to our GoFundMe Campaign will go directly to this completely separate bank account. This will allow us to easily inform the public of all of our charitable activities in the future with complete transparency. We hope everyone here has an amazing holiday. While you all enjoy your Saturday, myself and a few of the candidates will be having a long day of hour-long ocean swims and a hike to Mt. Baldy at over 10,000ft with full gear. HooYah and Happy Holidays.


Candidate Update

Today, two of our candidates just secured hell-week at BUDS, while another is performing at the top of his class in his first week at EOD school!!! We here at The Sugar Cookies could not be more proud to have these guys make it even this far! Hoo Yah Fellas!


Definition of a Sugar Cookie:

A term used to describe part of U.S. military training. A recruit runs into the ocean and then rolls around in soft, white sand becoming covered from head to toe with sand. This makes them look like a cookie covered in sugar. Just a little something to make your day a little less enjoyable. “Making sugar cookies,” is part of the mental and physical discomfort that special operations candidates must endure during training.

The Sugar Cookies is a charity organization that trains and mentors future military special operations candidates before boot camp and during training. The group is run by military spec ops veterans and conducts weekly workouts, regular mentoring sessions, teaches meditation, and creates training videos and blogs for candidates across the United States (training videos coming soon). All content, equipment, training, and mentoring is 100% free to military spec-ops candidates. 


Today we are working on the website to get website launched. Please take a look around and see if you find any errors. This website will be the first step in building our charity to help train and mentor special operations candidates.