FINALLY!!!! The SCs receive 501 (c) 3 status!

I’m very excited to announce that after over 18 months of waiting and filing hundreds of pages of documents, The Sugar Cookies is officially a 501 (c) 3 charity. This is a huge milestone for us because it allows our organization to take on donations from large corporations who need the tax-exempt status. With this money, we will begin the creation of video content in dozens of categories, not currently available to special forces candidates. After that, we will begin development of a new phone application that will revolutionize the recruitment training process across the country. If you have made a donation to The Sugar Cookies after October 4, 2017, you may now officially write off your donation on this year’s taxes. Please contact us if you need a receipt for your donation. You can also use the receipt given to by Go Fund Me if that’s where you made your donation. Thank you, everyone, for all the support so far. Big things are coming!


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