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Today we officially launched our GoFundMe campaign, here’s our story…

Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Snapchat (wademavv) sees me week after week busting my ass, at night, in the cold ass water training special operations recruits getting ready to leave for boot camp. I do this for them for free as a volunteer. In addition to the training, I provide mentorship as they go through their training programs and open up my huge network of military personnel for them to have meetings and phone calls with active duty service-members. This takes up A LOT of time. I even once, on my own dime, flew myself and a recruit to Florida, was rerouted by a hurricane, and rented a car and drove towards the hurricane to introduce this recruit to one of the highest ranking enlisted officers in the military, who single-handedly saved this guy’s entire military career. This recruit is currently in his training program right now because of both that trip and all of our hard work together.

I don’t need a pat on the back. What I need is help paying for some of the legal fees so we can protect our new board of directors, new mentors, and advisors from liability. God knows I push these guys to the limit and if someone gets a boo boo, and doesn’t like the hours I spent screaming at them, we need to be legally covered in order to continue. So I’ve spent a few thousand of my own dollars getting the non-profit started, applying for the 501 (c) status, and building a website (TheSugarCookies.org). In addition, we are also expanding the website into an entire web portal where myself and other spec ops veterans will create written and video content to share with recruits all over the country. We will also be conducting research with doctoral psychologists along the way to add to the military’s research on grit and perseverance.

We need money for:

1) MOST IMPORTANT is A LOT more safety equipment. We need to make our workouts as safe as possible and I would like things such as full EMT kits, kayaks for open ocean swims, swim buoys, and much more.

2) Covering legal fees to ensure the future of the organization.

3) Paying for expenses like web hosting, domain registration, special training gear, and a few pieces of workout equipment.

4) A few basic video tools for making the tutorial videos.



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