Mt. Baldy Hikes

Since our last update, we have completed two endurance hikes up to the peak of Mt. Baldy in Los Angeles. These hikes are much more extreme than you would ever imagine. There is altitude sickness, trails that disappear, and dangerous weather conditions at the peak. The first hike started with a 1-mile ocean swim, and then our hike was from 4,000ft to 9010ft with a round trip of 13 miles. The second hike was from 4000ft to 10015ft with a round trip of 17 miles. We have found these types of endurance events to be much lower impact than longer runs, while at the same time requiring a new level of mental toughness. We are able to break the spirits of almost every candidate at some point during these hikes, without causing any physical injuries. Your pride is hurt, but your body remains in good health. Injury prevention is the #1 most important thing here at The Sugar Cookies, so these hikes seem to be a great way to build your body for the punishment it is about to endure in military training, without causing over-use injuries. Every day that you spend injured is a day that you are not improving. Although our hikes might be longer than 6 miles, we must insist that no trainee ever run more than 6 miles per day or more than 30 miles per week. Inflammatory injuries caused by excessive overuse of one body part or another is the main issue that we see with candidates training outside of our program. My last and most important point. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hike Mt. Baldy without an experienced guide and proper safety equipment. It is a very dangerous hike, especially at night. In addition to days worth of extra supplies, we bring layers of clothing for any temperature, as well as an emergency satellite communication device specifically designed for evacuation by rescue teams.

Photo of The Sugar Cookies during Mt. Baldy Hike.

Photo of the plaque at the top of Mt. Baldy Hike.

Photo of scenery during Mt. Baldy Hike.

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